Silicon Valley tech giants PANIC as their deep state ties to communist China revealed

On the surface, it would appear as though Alex Jones and InfoWars were pulled from social media for supporting the conservative cause with aggressive zeal. But it actually goes much deeper than that.

During a recent episode of his show, which you can watch at, Alex Jones explains how the deep state took him down for revealing that the tech giants – Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others – are in cahoots with communist China.

Referring to these communist influencers as “Chicoms,” Jones reveals how the globalists are waging war on the United States through social media and other internet platforms, nearly all of which have sold Americans down the river in exchange for power and control.

“The Office of Personnel Management hack was an Obama handover of our infrastructure, a globalist merger that China is on a war footing against us, that Apple and Google have officially moved to China and are building censorship systems here in their own whistleblowers’ admissions,” explains Jones.

“They don’t want me amplifying what The Intercept documents show,” he adds, referring to exclusive reports published by The Intercept showing that Google and others are working with communist China to create censored versions of search engines, social media platforms, and other online tools.

Feinstein and other Democrats are Chinese “spies” working to turn America communist

Jones recognized at the time that his reporting on such matters would likely make him an even bigger deep state target. He predicted that his news channels would more than likely be censored and even removed from the internet’s largest publishing platforms, which we now know was 100 percent accurate.

“I told the crew here last week, I said, you watch, I believe we’ll be banned by next week for this China reporting,” states Jones.

“Because we also said on Friday that Feinstein had a Chinese spy. She didn’t have a Chinese spy, she put him there on purpose, that was part of her marriage to China. Her husband’s biotech company is based in China. She’s a Chinese spy, and, man I said that … and then when that came out … they went, whoa, who does Jones know?”

The mainstream media then used the opportunity to falsely accuse Jones of making all sorts of statements and claims that he never actually made, all as an excuse to silence him. They’re also desperate to keep quiet anyone with access to what Jones says is more incriminating evidence against them that has yet to come to light.

“It’s like in Braveheart, they ask, ‘what are you doing?’ to William Wallace, and he says, ‘I’m going to pick a fight.’ And that’s what we’ve done, ladies and gentlemen,” Jones explains.

“We didn’t say any of the things that they said we said. What we did do was let The New York Times and The Washington Post and others know that there’s been more hidden camera footage of their people coming out soon, and it’s damning.”

The endgame of the New World Order is to turn the entire planet communist

According to Jones, the Democrat agenda is one of spreading communism throughout America – and to the entire world, in fact. It was “the Rockefeller plan,” he says, and today’s “liberals” are just pawns in this New World Order chess game.

That’s why the liberal media is spurring its mindless followers to continue demonizing Donald Trump, who merely responds in kind to their relentless attacks. Because of this, the left cult is desperately trying to censor Jones and anyone else who defies its agenda, using as many lies as necessary to achieve the endgame.

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